Womens Jake Butt Jersey , Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway and Director of Player Personnel Matt Russell will be attending the Oregon vs. Washington game today in Eugene, Oregon. Klis goes on to state that the Broncos biggest needs “right now” are at offensive tackle and cornerback. He goes on to name multiple prospects off each team who fits that criteria. That’s great. However, John Elway doesn’t go to many games to watch a cornerback or offensive tackles. He has scouts and executives who do that. When Elway attends a game, he is going to watch one specific position, and that position is the quarterback position. Not even one year ago, Elway watched Josh Allen’s and Sam Darnold’s bowl games. He requested to have Baker Mayfield on their Senior Bowl roster and he met and worked all of them out at some point. So I am willing to bet that John Elway is there to see Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert up close and through his own eyes. Herbert is a 6’6”, 234lb quarterback with a big arm and plus athleticism. He fits the profile of an “Elway quarterback” and the Broncos have a need there. Currently, they have Case Keenum who has been a disappointment signed to a two-year deal and former seventh-round pick Chad Kelly as his backup. Keenum isn’t the future and may not even be back with the team next year and we have yet to see what Kelly can do in a regular season game(we will soon). So it makes sense for Elway to start looking at the top quarterback prospects in this year’s class. Washington’s Jake Browning is the other quarterback who they may be watching but Herbert has top 5 pick potential and is the notable prospect(right now at least) at the quarterback position. With the way the Broncos are likely trending, a top 5 or 10 pick isn’t out of the question again and Herbert makes a ton of sense. This could all be due diligence by the Broncos top decision makers, but anytime Elway goes out to watch one of the top quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft it is noteworthy.Scouting the enemy: Seattle Seahawks It has been a few years since the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks faced off on the gridiron, but the old AFC West rival is still alive and well — and without question, this year’s season opener presents the opportunity for the Broncos to get revenge against a team who has dealt them a duo of heartbreaks in their past two meetings.In September of 2014, the Broncos were able to erase a twelve-point fourth quarter deficit at CenturyLink Field and send the game into overtime. Unfortunately, the team went on to lose 26-20 after Marshawn Lynched scampered for a touchdown early on in extra time. Just seven months earlier, fans were excited and perhaps overconfident at the prospect of their beloved franchise securing their third Lombardi Trophy. But the opening snap that sailed over Peyton Manning’s head was symbolic of the epic the bed-shitting the Broncos would embark upon on their way to yet another Super Bowl shellacking. That devastating game is certainly one of the franchise’s darkest memories — and one that will forever be ingrained in the minds of Broncos Country.Though it’s safe to say Seahawks fans share the same ill-will toward the Broncos as we do toward them and I don’t blame them one bit. Before their last two victories, the Seahawks had lost 12 out of the past 15 meetings against Denver dating back to 1996. Doling out losses to Seattle is something Broncos Country has come to expect. In head-to-head battle Womens Justin Simmons Jersey , the Broncos reign supreme with a 34-21 series lead. But that was then and this is now. While I admire the success the Pete Carroll led Seahawks have had in his tenure as head coach, there is no doubt this year’s incarnation is a far cry from superior teams fielded in the past.The Legion of Boom is no longer.

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