ESPN released its top 100 players in the NFL list Monday. ESPN’s style is a little different than other lists Allen Bailey Jersey , as it aims to predict who will be the best players in 2018 rather than gauging how good they are right now.The methodology: ESPN used a panel of experts and asked them how good they thought a player might be in 2018 on a scale from 1-100. Past performance and positional value were thrown out the window. The idea is this year. The Kansas City Chiefs landed five players land on the list:You could make the case that Travis Kelce could be higher (New England’s Rob Gronkowski came in at 12) and Tyreek Hill should be much higher. Eric Berry as the 36th-best player in the league will require him to be on the field. Kareem Hunt is probably right around where he should be and Justin Houston could be too high unless he is truly, as he has said, tapping back into ‘14 Houston, in which he is far too low.Chiefs candidates to break onto the list next season: Patrick Mahomes, Sammy Watkins Ron Parker Jersey , Mitchell Schwartz, Chris Jones, Kendall FullerAndy Reid (kind of) addresses Chiefs’ Earl Thomas rumors by sharing a story Rumors have been swirling regarding Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas and where he may end up. We covered the initial report from ESPN here and old friend Terez Paylor of Yahoo! Sports named some potential destinations in his own piece list.Kansas City was on Paylor’s list, which also included Oakland, Atlanta and Dallas.Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about the prospect of making an in-season trade for someone like Thomas in his weekly Monday press conference.“I've left that up to Brett (Veach) Cheap Justin Houston Jersey ,” Reid said. “He’s aware of personality—he deals with all that stuff. He’s got all the data on that. I remember one time when I was at Green Bay (1992-98) and we came back here and played the Chiefs and (Derrick) Thomas put (Don) Beebe in the fifth row as he did a shallow crossing route and we were out of receivers. We went and got Andre Rison—and [we] ended up going to the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl.”According to The Baltimore Sun, the Packers claimed Rison off of waivers from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Reid was the Packers offensive line coach at the time.“Kansas City destroyed us in that game and [Thomas] had about five sacks—and unbelievable number. I was a young coach and this was an in-season pickup that we had and it worked out for us. It kind of showed me how those kinds of things work at this level, and so I’ve always kept my eyes open for that and been OK with that—I’ve been open to that. So when I was making those decisions, I was open to it. “I have full trust in Brett if he decides whoever that person is. Right now, we don’t have anything and we’re not in that—that’s not where we’re at. I know the rumor’s out there , but that’s not where we’re at.”Reid was asked later in the press conference to confirm he was talking about Thomas.“There are some rumors out there, I guess,” Reid answered to a laughing media room.The 2018 NFL trade deadline is on October 30 at 3 p.m. Arrowhead Time.

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