Our group is in the the early stages of selecting shows for next season. I was just wondering how some other community theatres go about their play selections.Our directors do not need to be members of the organization (although it is encouraged). Persons interested in directing for the next season submit copies of the plays to the Executive Board who reads them and determines if there are any special concerns with the show (ie. casting, staging, costumes, language). The Board meets with the directors to work out a budget and adress concerns. In December at our Christmas Dinner the plays are presented by the directors to the membership for consideration. The members vote on the shows up for each time of year (we do three shows) and the season is selected.One of the cons of this process is that members often vote for what shows they want a role in and now what is really feasible for the group to pull off. On the pro side, we never have to search for directors to take on a play they didn't want to do. So, how does your group do it?

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