I already posted this problem before but i,m going to try to explain if a little bit better this time.to be clear i,m working in cubase 9.5 pro i,m working wiht wavefiles i have musical mode on and elastique pro - time.when i audition my (wave)loops in mediabay (aling beats to projects is on) the are insync with my projectbut when i drag the loop into my project it does not automatically snap to the project tempo.Even when the loop and the project have the same bpm the loop is not on the beat ones i drag it into the project???? of course i can timestretch the loop with sizing apply timestretch function but when i do that the loop wil get out of tune.Now i went back in cubase 9 to check if i would have the same problem there, but everything was working fine there.But i did notice that a vocal loop i used was 48 bars long in C9 according to media bay, while it is 92 bars long in C9.5 ???

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