I have been grappling with this problem for over a week to no avail. I copied a bunch of mp3 files (nearly 200 files) onto a USB flash drive in order to listen to them in the car over my Kenwood KDC-255U In-Dash USB/CD Receiver. However, they will not play in the proper alpha-numeric order no matter what I do! I downloaded an mp3 metatag editing program and spent hours editing the metadata of the files, but it had NO EFFECT on the playback order. I thought that maybe the FAT 32 file system on the USB flash drive was truncating the file names, so I tried all kinds of programs like FatSorter and DriveSort to re-order the files, but that didn't work either! I tried re-formatting the flash drive to the NTSF file system, but then the Kenwood in-dash player would not recognize the flash drive! ?! Does anyone have a clue as to how to remedy this problem?

Please help.

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References:- http://cnet.co/2D6OPgJ

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