since C9 pro I found on several occasions a weird behaviour I didn't have from previous versions.When I use Cubase for writing, I change Tempo setting many times and very often I have demos with recorded files at different tempos, adapted with the musical mode enabled from the pool. Lately I had this problem more that once, but I can't find a replicable condition to report a bug.Basically I record many audio files and sometimes I decide to try to change the tempo of the songs. Cubase is in Musical Mode, always. Problem is the since C9 Pro, sometimes I get some files getting out of place when I change the tempo from musical mode button in the pool. Again, every track is in musical mode.I used the same way of working for a long time, never had a single problem, rock solid. Now I have this randomly. Anyone ever had the same behavoiur?

Please help

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Last Edited 06 June 2018

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