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So, it's here... but what do you think?

0 brian posted this 17 February 2015

So, you all saw the first incarnation of DSC and it proved such a success we knew we just had to go for it and release the full version. We're still in the early stages of the site's development and we have sooooooooo many plans.

But what do you think?

What would you like to see included in what is after all your website!?

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0 Elaine posted this 20 February 2015

There's just so much to read and explore. Looks great on desktop and PC. Well done team DSC.

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0 brian posted this 21 February 2015

Thanks Elaine, there's lots more to come both in terms of content and functionality in the site... Watch this space!

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0 brian posted this 26 February 2015

Just to update on the above, currently working on our Supplier Directory, ours comes with a little twist though! We're only allowing suppliers on our site you have been recommended by theatre based companies already!! Expect to see the new sections in a week or so.

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