How Downstage Centre Works

We love theatre in the UK.


It really is as simple as that. From the biggest shows in London down to the smallest village theatres via every single fringe theatre, pub venue and amateur operatic society in every town across the UK - we love every single last one of you.


So what are we doing to make you feel that unconditional adoration for yourselves?


Previews - The Show Guide

Well - we're here to support you by putting the all-important word out there, making everyone more aware of you and the fantastic contribution that you make to the arts in this country. Our super-smashing website is THE place to come if you want to know what's on in theatre, so we just love to promote your shows for you. We know all about the importance of bums on seats - and with help from our fully searchable Show Guide, you'll find an extra derrière here and there encouraged your way.


DSC Reviews

To help encourage this further, we have a team of dedicated reviewers across the country who are on-hand to come and review your shows. You'll never forget the special feeling of being awarded the coveted DSC stars for the first time - and with an online DSC review you'll have some high-quality shareable content to pass around via social media, raising awareness of you, your shows and your theatres. All our reviews remain online and fully searchable, so you can share them quickly and easily whenever you like.


Theatrical Insights - News, Features & Exclusive Interviews

And if that wasn't enough, you'll soon discover that Downstage Centre is your indispensable repository of all things theatre. There's plenty to read and enjoy to keep you up-to-date with all the movings and shakings in UK theatre - and you can do it at from the comfort of your desk, on the bus or anywhere else thanks to our fully optimised and rather lovely site.


It's that love for UK theatre which gets us out of bed in the morning (and often means we're late getting back into it at night too).


But by gum, it's worth it. The UK theatre scene is by far the most exciting, vibrant and diverse one on the planet - so we're here to shower a little DSC love upon it.


If you're keen to feel the love for yourself - get in touch.


To get your forthcoming shows featured in our Show Guide, to have them reviewed or to share your news and updates with us, please drop us an email now via


Likewise, if you're interested in joining our elite team of theatre journalists, get in touch via the same address.