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Not only will your company and contact details be prominently listed and easily accessible to your precise target market, but you'll also profit from the exclusive Downstage Centre seal of approval. We ONLY list theatre suppliers once we have received a qualified and positive referral from one of your clients - meaning that only the best, most trustworthy and reliable theatre suppliers are listed here.


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After the initial 2 month free-listing period has expired you may choose to keep your listing on our website. If so, the following charges will apply:


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For starters you get online access to your target audience: the entirety of the UK theatre scene. Downstage Centre is one of the liveliest and most pro-active advocates for all that is good in theatre in this country, and by securing your listing with us you demonstrate that you share that spirit and desire for quality. You'll also feel the benefit of our powerful social media presence which continually drives theatre traffic to our website - the end result of which is more and more eyes upon you and your business coupled with the reassurance that only the best theatre suppliers make it into the Downstage Centre Theatre Supplier Directory.


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