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Furthest From The Sea 2015

Dan Webber | Friday, April 24, 2015

Join the Theatre Stage that's Furthest From The Sea written by Dan Webber for Downstage Centre, published on Friday, April 24, 2015The Belper Players, part of the diverse Derbyshire arts scene at Furthest From The Sea(Photo by Jenny Gavin-Wear)

On Saturday 20th June, Derby comes alive with creativity at the 3rd annual Furthest From The Sea Festival, a free one day festival showcasing and celebrating the diverse Derbyshire Arts scene.

As well as numerous variety and music stages in and around The Cathedral Quarter, this year sees the return of ‘The Theatre Stage’, taking place at The Club Rooms, a new 60-seat Derby Live studio space opposite the Guildhall.
Open to professional and community performers, individuals and groups, The Theatre Stage aims to showcase every aspect of Theatre and performance, from monologues to musicals, Shakespeare to street theatre, new writing to the classic texts.   
This year's event promises to be even bigger - so get involved
Performers at last year’s Theatre Stage included: Derby Theatre New People’s Theatre, new writing from Life Theatre Limited and Marde Hen, as well as contemporary dancer Robert Suchy and ASTARA Dance in addition to outdoor performances from The 1623 Trainee Actors showcase and The Derby Shakespeare Company.  

The Furthest From The Sea Festival 2014 featured 200 acts across 9 stages, with 4000 people in attendance. This year promises to be even bigger, and they want you to get involved.

If you are a Derby or Derbyshire based creative, producer, actor, writer or performer looking for a place to showcase your work, promote your upcoming production and network with other creative people in the area, Furthest From The Sea want to hear from you.  

Whether it’s a 5 minute piece or a one act play, a work in progress or scenes from your favourite production, they welcome your interest and involvement.  

For more information, or to discuss your work being performed on the Theatre Stage email

"We may be Furthest From The Sea, but we are at the centre of creativity in the East Midlands."

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Photo by Jenny Gavin-Wear of JGW Photography  -


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