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Ella Morris | Monday, June 29, 2015

7 Great Online Theatre Resources written by Ella Morris for Downstage Centre, published on Monday, June 29, 2015Want more theatre in your life? Downstage Centre's Ella Morris makes it easy for you.

Theatre ‘stuff’. There’s so much out there! And so much good stuff too!

As a self-confessed theatre geek, I spend a good amount of my time booking theatre trips, reading about theatre, and keeping up to date with the latest news. Trouble is - we all got busy. And it’s time consuming.

Here are my top picks for how to make the most of the online theatre ‘noise’, whether you are looking for the best place to buy theatre tickets, to develop a career or pastime within theatre or simply want to keep up with the latest goings on;

National Theatre Logo
Producing a wide range of theatre, from new plays to classics, the National Theatre also screens some of their shows live across the country as part of NT Live and takes them on tour.
Via Twitter and their website, you can;
•    keep up to date with what’s up and coming
•    take advantage of theatre deals
•    check out reviews
•    learn all about theatre making through videos, podcasts and articles
•    hear about other events that you can attend such as ‘Platforms’ where you can be part of discussions with actors, writers and other people involved in the theatre’s work.



The place to buy all of your West-End theatre tickets and at favourable prices!
You can also;
•    Enter competitions to win theatre tickets
•    Find out about the latest deals
•    Keep up to date with West-End news
•    Ask questions about all things theatre in the West-End






London Theatre Guide logo
The London Theatre Guide is the first place I go to find out about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that is on in London.
Just choose what type of show you want to go and see (for example a comedy play) and the dates you want to go and voila!
Not only do you get a list of shows, you will most likely get a brief of the plot, a link to the theatre or play website and casting information (which is great if you want to keep tabs on your favourite theatre stars!).
They also feature Q & A’s with a variety of actors.






Guardian Stage logo
Yes – another place to get reviews and the latest theatre news. BUT…….
What I love about The Guardian Stage is their fearlessness to tackle all sorts of topics and debates relating to theatre without all the snobbery and pretentiousness.

Gender equality in the theatre? No sweat. Race representation in Shakespeare? You bet. Because. Well. That’s Just Life.








Buzzfeed Pinterest logo

And just when you thought I’d gone all serious and left-wing!
Just for a bit of fun (and let’s face it, we all like fun), if you love quizzes and secret behind the scenes gossip, Buzzfeed on Pinterest is the place to go. My personal favourites;
•    15 signs you did a musical in high school
•    21 awesome gifts for ‘The Phantom of The Opera’ fan in your life
•    14 reasons why life should be more like ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

Love. It.







A Younger Theatre logo

A great place for young people to have a voice.        
A Younger Theatre supports fabulously talented young people in the arts to develop and showcase their talents whether it be writing, producing or acting. It’s also a great resource for young and old to keep in touch with the latest theatre news and developments.
Check it out!










Downstage Centre logo
And the last but by no means least – DOWNSTAGE CENTRE

Ok – so I am a teeny bit biased here, I write for DSC.
This relatively brand spanking new website works on the basis of a theatre for everybody. I like that.
Like most theatre sites you can get the latest news and reviews but it covers ALL theatre.

Amateur, professional, West-End, regional – it’s all there under one roof.

Have I missed something off the list? Let me know!


Just leave a comment in the box below!


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