The Art of Sundays

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Josh Tonks | Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Art of Sundays written by Josh Tonks for Downstage Centre, published on Thursday, July 9, 2015'Carrie' star Evelyn Hoskins is first up for 'Sunday In The Arts With...' at London's Arts Theatre later this month.



In case you didn't know, Sunday in the Arts with... is a season of riotous cabarets taking
place upstairs at London's Arts Theatre (soon to be the home of American Idiot) and featuring
the West-End's hottest, young talent!

I was lucky enough to snag a five minute exclusive with the hilarious Emma Ralston and
Anthony Williamson, the show's producers (and stars), just as they announced their
BRAND NEW SEASON, starring Evelyn Hoskins (Spring Awakening, Carrie,
TVs Misfits).

DSC - Okay, before we talk about your exciting new announcement, let's flashback to the
very first Sunday in the Arts With...
Emma - (laughing) Flashback! Let's flashback for a minute...
DSC - What was the inspiration for that? Why did you both decide to do it?
Anthony - It was a thing we've wanted to do for years. We were kind of just talking about
it, for too long...
Emma - The opportunity never really presented itself before, but then the space upstairs

Anthony - I always get mistaken for Helen Mirren...
Emma - Ant's the Queen of the industry!
Anthony - ...and we grabbed it and ran with it and showed everybody how it's
done...b**ch! Haha!
Emma - Exactly!
DSC - So what sparked this sudden change from featuring multiple performers to having
a solo act?
Emma - Well, we realised that Sunday in the Arts With... should be a seasonal thing. We
had five very successful shows following that initial structure, but we wanted to try
something a little bit different.
Anthony - We wanted to leave people wanting more.
Emma - Exactly! Out with a bang.
DSC - Well, it was a huge bang. I was there and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Emma - And now we're gonna come back with an even bigger bang with this new season.
DSC - So what's the biggest thing you've learned from putting together "Sunday in the
Arts with..."?Evelyn Hoskins Sunday In The Arts With London Arts Theatre
Emma - It's hard work. To write, produce and be in a show is very difficult and it's a full
time job. That's another reason why we've decided to change the format.
Anthony - I'd say it's built our confidence. For the first time we had to speak publicly as
ourselves. We're both actors, so normally we're in shows where we're hidden behind a
character, but this was like "oh, we can just be ourselves" and from being ourselves,
people seemed to enjoy it.
Emma - I mean to have five, sold out shows is pretty good going.
DSC - You were both very adamant about involving graduates in your cabarets? Why was
Emma - (to Anthony) We just think that if we'd've had the opportunity when we
graduated we'd have jumped at, wouldn't we?
Anthony - Yeah, the chance to perform alongside so many West-End stars, definitely!
Emma - We're really lucky to have had a really amazing lineup.
DSC - Which is exactly why I wanted to interview you. You're that bridge between drama
schools and the seemingly unattainable like...(thinks)...Helen Mirren!
Anthony - Oh no, I always get mistaken for Helen Mirren.
Emma - Ant's the Queen of the industry! Do you like how we made a funny, there? Keep
that in.
DSC - Oh, I will! So, what can we expect from this new season of shows?
Anthony - I think it's going to be more relaxed.
Emma - It's not gonna be as "crazy party vibe", but more intimate.
DSC - Will you be performing?
Emma - No. It's all them. It's their stories, their career...
Anthony - Their ups and downs.
Emma - They're gonna have their own special guests too, which we're keeping hush-hush.
DSC - So would you like to talk a little bit about your first performer Evelyn Hoskins?
Emma - Yes, Evelyn has just played Carrie at the Southwark Playhouse, she was in the
original cast of Spring Awakening at the Lyric Hammersmith and The Novello. She's an
actress that's kind of fallen into musical theatre, she's done Misfits, Casualty, Doctors.
She's worked with Alan Ayckbourn! She's amazing!
Anthony - She's going to talk about her career, up and downs, roles she wants to play...
but that's all we're going to say.
Emma - And when we say special guests we mean special!
DSC - No hints?
Anthony - Our lips are sealed.


The brand new season of Sunday in the Arts with... starring Evelyn Hoskins opens at
7:30pm on Sunday 26th July, upstairs at The Arts Theatre. Tickets are £15 and can be
purchased at


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