The Strange Case of Jekyll, Hyde and Rose...

Jekyll & Hyde, Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham

Ross Lowe | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Strange Case of Jekyll, Hyde and Rose... written by Ross Lowe for Downstage Centre, published on Wednesday, November 18, 2015Sultry: Actor Nicola Foxfield takes comes face to face with Jekyll & Hyde in this 1930's adaptation of the dark Robert Louis Stevenson tale

Actor Nicola Foxfield finds herself playing a Rose between two very mysterious and sinister thorns when she takes to the stage in 'Jekyll & Hyde' at the Birmingham's Blue Orange Theatre this week.


In this exciting adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, the action is transported to the heart of jazz clubland in 1930's London. Dark and strange happenings abound, and it's not safe to walk the streets at night. 

It often feels like a dance in that there is a huge amount of choreography

Despite the radical change of era, Stevenson would recognise much of what he would see in the Birmingham production.


"It stays very close to the heart of the book," tells Nicola who takes on the character of Rose, a sultry nightclub beauty who encounters the strange goings-on first hand.


"The duality the psyche is still very much explored through the story of Jekyll and Hyde and it's very dark. Without wanting to give away too much, it contains some very exciting and shocking moments - so much so that I haven't allowed my grandparents to come and see this one!"


Physical Role

Rehearsals for the show have been intense. "We've had two weeks to rehearse and even though I'm normally used to half of that, there has been lots to cover and perfect. It's a complex piece and the timing has to be spot-on. It often feels like a dance in that there is a huge amount of choreography to ensure we're all in the right place to take and receive punches. My character has a very physical role to play. She comes off pretty bad in some of it, so much so that my boyfriend was quite worried about my bruises when he saw me after rehearsal - until we realised I was still wearing my stage make-up!"


Jekyll and Hyde Blue Orange Theatre Birmingham StagefightJekyll and Hyde Blue Orange Theatre Birmingham StagefightThe physical and choreographed aspects of the role meant Nicola and the rest of the cast had to develop their skills in stage combat. "We worked with a fab fight director called Kaz Luckins, of StageFight in Birmingham. I mean, we all have stage combat experience already but it makes such a huge difference to have someone at the side watching and advising and helping you to make the movements more precise and effective."



Jekyll & Hyde is Nicola's fifth foray onto the stage with Blue Orange. "They're a lovely company to work with and they give you the opportunity to get hands-on and involved in all aspects of the production, which is something I love."


Following the performances at the Blue Orange Theatre, the production then moves to London's Cock Pit Theatre from the 13th of January until the 6th February 2016.


Blue Orange Arts presents 'Jekyll & Hyde'

Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson


Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham

18th-21st November 2015


Call 0121 212 2643 for tickets or click here




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