DSC Goes to Showzam!

Showzam! Blackpool

Sandra Mangan | Sunday, February 15, 2015

DSC Goes to Showzam! written by Sandra Mangan for Downstage Centre, published on Sunday, February 15, 2015See the mysterious Bearded Lady at Showzam!

It's SHOWZAM time in Blackpool at the moment, and we sent our reporter Sandra Mangan along to soak up some of the entertainment for herself.

Blackpool, a place associated with the Tower, sticks of rock, kiss me quick hats and…. dinosaurs? I promise I hadn’t been on the gin when I spotted them with my own eyes.
It’s all part of Showzam!, Blackpool’s annual feast of circus and performance which runs until Wednesday, February 18.

There are plenty of paid for events, but the heart and soul of Showzam! is in the free performances that you just come across as you wander the packed streets on a Saturday afternoon. Aside from the aforementioned dinosaurs, courtesy of Saurus, I spotted a tuneful disco-rave milk float, a miniature tour bus called Suzy, a bearded lady and a disembowelled Pikachu (from the seriously funny Belgians of Boucherie Bacul) - and I’d only gone a matter of 100 yards.

Inside the gorgeous Winter Gardens complex, shows were popping up all over the place, ranging from the hair raising to the jaw dropping. And when I say hair-raising I mean it literally because Mysterieuses Coiffures were creating some amazing designs using follicles and foliage to fabulous effect.


There is something for every member of the family at Showzam! Central. The Picked Image peep show was garnering a queue, while there were plenty of takers to look after Plungeboom’s vegetable ‘babies’. There were smiles everywhere I looked - which has got to be the best news of all.

Showzam runs until February 18, for full details of events visit www.showzam.co.uk


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